Ten Foot Pole - Simmer Down

£10.00 - £15.00
Ten Foot Pole - Simmer Down

Ten Foot Pole’s new album of acoustic guitar driven songs features six brand new, unreleased songs and seven (vinyl) or eight re-imagined versions of previously released TFP tunes from Rev, Unleashed, Insider, Setlist & Escalating Quickly.

We have an exclusive brown and bone white swirl vinyl variant for the UK limited to 125 copies.

Pressing info:
100 on Brown colored vinyl
100 on Bone White colored vinyl
100 on Tan colored vinyl
100 on Clear vinyl
100 on Tan and Brown color-in-color vinyl
125 on Clear, Brown and Bone White splatter vinyl
125 on Tan and Brown splatter vinyl
125 on Clear and Tan half/half vinyl
125 on Brown and Bone White swirl vinyl (DD Exclusive)

25 on Gold colored tape
50 on Black colored tape
75 on Vanilla colored tape

500 on 6-Panel Digipack CD

1. Sarcasm Decoder
2. My Addiction
3. Sequel
4. Forever Road
5. Ride
6. Broken Like Me
7. Scars
8. Don't Be a Dick
9. Numb
10. ADD
11. Rather Not Be Done
12. Broken Bubble
13. The Getaway
14. My Wall (CD and Cassette only)

Please note, if ordering the CD version, difference in shipping costs will be refunded upon shipment.