Stone Lions - Necking On And Kicking Off

£13.00 - £24.00
Stone Lions - Necking On And Kicking Off

Central Coast Australia-based punk-rock trio, Stone Lions are the perfect mess of pop-punk & party vibes. Taking cues from the likes of Neck Deep, All Time Low and Blink 182, their forthcoming album “Necking On & Kicking Off” is packed with soul filling pop-hooks and sing-alongs.
125 x Opaque Neon Pink Vinyl
125 x Transparent Aqua Blue Vinyl

1. Burnt Out Lights
2. Don’t Waste Your Time
3. Party Like Kate Moss
4. Hey Boy (Wake Up)
5. The Start Of Something New
6. Apologies
7. Broken Record
8. Take Me Back
9. I Remember
10. Stereo
11. Therapy