Rehasher - Tasty Slices Vol 1

Rehasher - Tasty Slices Vol 1

The ever awesome Rehasher (fronted by Roger from Less Than Jake) return with a new album full of 10 covers, from classic rock to punk classics. Awesome stuff and some excellent choices here (Osker and Green Day)!

1. Next To You (The Police)
2. Shapeshifter (Josie And The Pussycats)
3. And Your Bird Can Sing (The Beatles)
4. Jungle Love (Steve Miller Band)
5. Don’t Turn Out The Lights (Screeching Weasel)
6. Strangled (Osker)
7. One Of My Lies (Green Day)
8. 1901 (Phoenix)
9. Peace Of Mind (Boston)
10. Duvet Day (Eat Defeat)

- Pink And Grey Version (/33)
- Pink Splatter Version (/150)