Pulley - Together Again For The First Time

£22.00 - £39.00
Pulley - Together Again For The First Time

Pulley's excellent 2001 full length "Together Again For The First Time" gets the repress treatment thanks to Dusty Wax Records and Bearded Punk Records. We've been lucky enough to get a handful of the Euro version through our friends at Bearded Punk, which are on Brown vinyl with white blob vinyl.

We only have very limited amounts of these!


A1 In Search 2:11
A2 Hooray For Me 2:18
A3 History Repeats Itself 2:28
A4 Fuel 2:12
A5 Empty 2:42
A6 Lost Trip 2:29
B7 Touched 2:57
B8 Runaway 2:50
B9 The Ocean Song 2:56
B10 Destiny 0:19
B11 Leather Face 1:40
B12 Same Sick Feeling 2:01
B13 Silenced 5:18