Audio Karate - Audio Karate

Audio Karate - Audio Karate

Taken from the wonderful Wiretap Records website:

By the end of 2006, Audio Karate was no longer on Kung Fu Records and had stopped playing shows. Jason decided to build a studio in a garage in Montebello, CA. He, Justo and a family friend constructed the room within a room, ran the electrical, sanded the drywall, and painted it themselves. They called it Lady Melody Studio.

“Bounce” and “Landing” are two of 13 tracks AK recorded at Lady Melody Studio. They’re also two of only three songs recorded with Mike Jimenez (Rufio) on drums.

Audio Karate called it quits in 2007. Jason dismantled the studio and put his MacBook with all of the song files away to collect dust. Until now.

Audio Karate are back now with this 7” that is a time capsule. It’s the first single from their forthcoming album, Malo, the unreleased, nearly lost follow-up to their second album, Lady Melody (2004).

“Bounce” is a freight train jam that picks up where “Jesus Is Alive & Well” left off. It features Art delivering his finest punk rock James Brown vocals and Jason and Justo in their prime.

In “Landing,” Art ditches his vocal-bleeding growls for falsettos. It’s a layered, anthemic track unlike anything AK has ever done.

The AK crew is happy to finally share this music with you. We hope you enjoy it as much as the guys enjoyed making it more than a decade ago.

Pobre for life.

Audio Karate - Self Titled 7" EP

Side A:

Side B:

Pressing Information
350 - Black Vinyl
150 - Blood Red Vinyl

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