American Thrills - Parted Ways

American Thrills - Parted Ways

'Parted Ways' is the debut LP from Connecticut's American Thrills. The album was produced by Nick Bellmore (Hatebreed / Make Do And Mend) and shows a band in full swing with 9 tracks of emotive and heartfelt punk rock and roll singalongs.

"Opener ‘Sinking’ immediately grabs your attention with powerful drums and solid riffage before diving into the first of many catchy choruses, ‘Misfires’ sounds like an outtake from ‘The 59 Sound’, ‘Broadcasting’ gets to go home with ‘Best song on the album’ sash and the band shows they can do mellow as well on ‘Interpretation’." Punk Rock Theory

Pressing info: First press on smokey grey swirl vinyl (/130) SOLD OUT

Second press on black vinyl (/150) coming Feb 23

Alive And Well
Ivy League Swing
Blue Collar
Maybe You Were Right About Me
Ego Death

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