Ten Foot Pole - Winning

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Ten Foot Pole - Winning

Ten Foot Pole are back with another new album, following on from 2019's "Escalating Quickly" and 2020's acoustic album "Simmer Down".

These 13 tracks hail back to the bands fast So-Cal punk roots, as shown in recent singles "Take Back Your Voice", "Can We Stop Trying To Win?", "Bogeyman" and "It's Always Been You".

We have a label exclusive clear variant of the record (/150) only otherwise available in N America in bundles.

1. Can We Stop Trying to Win?
2. Bogeyman
3. I'm No Good at Sharing
4. Take Back Your Voice
5. Maybe These are the Gold Old Days
6. It's Always Been You
7. Hole
8. We Roll
9. Short Fuse
10. F Around and Find Out
11. Silence is My Enemy
12. We Found Out
13. Give me a Reason to Listen to You

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125 x Opaque Side A/B Blue/Blue
150 x Clear Vinyl

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