Hit The Switch - Observing Infinities

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Hit The Switch - Observing Infinities

An amazing fast punk record, the second full-length album of speedy skate-punk band Hit The Switch, which was originally released independently in 2009.

Pressing info:
100 on Black Ice colored vinyl
110 on Marble Black colored vinyl
129 on Black Ice, Blue & Pink splatter vinyl
165 on Black Ice, Yellow & Tangerine splatter vinyl

1. Ancient Sunlight
2. Me And My Friend Rad
3. Galactic Alchemy
4. Tidal Wave
5. The Leader In Generic Punk Brands
6. Coercion Through Public Consumption
7. Eat Your Death
8. Ample Bright
9. Last Light
10. Syndical Proletariate
11. Lone Child
12. The Everfading Afterglow