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The debut EP from South London's Company L, showcases the bands beginning with 3 remixed demo tracks along with 3 new studio recordings. Combining a love of bands like Consumed, Pennywise and Propagandhi, Company L's debut is the perfect starting point for the UK's best new punk band.


‘Fast, politically poignant and marks a terrific one-up for British post-skate punk’ 5/5 Big Cheese

‘Short, Sharp and a good debut’ 3.5/5

‘A confident, solid start’ A Short Fanzine About Rocking

‘Utilising blistering riffs, rhythms and right-on refrains to impressive effect’ Kerrang!

Released 12th April 2010.

1. Back To The Drawing Board
2. Flight FR5732
3. Back When Nick Griffin Was Gay
5. Policing The Police
6. Isinglass